14 Best Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmers To Try Today

When your hedges need trimming it can be a troublesome task. You need to get an extension cable and drag it out to the garden so you can plug in your hedge trimmer.

Then you need to be careful not to trip over the cord as you work. There is also the risk that you could accidentally cut through the cord with the hedge trimmer! (Also check out Best Longreach Hedge Trimmers)

A simple way to solve this problem is to get a cordless hedge trimmer (Also check out Best Dewalt Hedge Trimmers And Accessories). They run on battery power and can be recharged, so you don’t need to worry about plugging them in.

We have put together this list of the best cordless hedge trimmers to help you find one that will be perfect for you. 

14 Best Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmers To Try Today


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This 2 in 1 hedge trimmer can be used for tall hedges as well as low hedges.

At just 7.6 lbs, it's lightweight, so you can use it for long hours without getting tired. In addition, it has a compact design that makes it easy to handle even in tight spaces.

The telescoping pole extends up to 12 feet and the head can be positioned in 10 different positions, giving you many options when it comes to trimming your hedge.


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This hedge trimmer has a 20 inch double action blade. It's cordless and works for up to 55 minutes on a single charge.

With 30 minutes of fast charging, you can have a cup of tea and charge in no time. It comes with a charger and battery as well as a carrying strap to make holding the hedge trimmer easier.

Even if you get tired, you can rest assured that the hedge trimmer will not drop. The hedge trimmer can be set in 7 different positions.


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This hedge trimmer has an 18 inch dual action blade and a 180 degree pivoting head. It weighs less than 8 pounds which means it is lightweight and easy to use.

It is extendable to allow you to reach hedges up to 11feet in height. You can use it cordless with battery power, or plug it in for unlimited power.

It has a soft grip handle that is very comfortable to use and the reduced vibration prevents discomfort in your hands.


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This battery-powered hedge trimmer features a 22-inch dual-action laser cutting blade that cuts thick branches easily and expertly.

With a reach of up to 12 feet, it's useful for trimming tall and hard to reach hedges. The head rotates 180 degrees and can be adjusted to 7 different positions for precision trimming.

This hedge trimmer is easy to use and very lightweight so you won’t get tired. Batteries and chargers are not included and must be purchased separately.


This 20 inch blade hedge trimmer lengthens up to 8 feet 10 inches, making it much easier to reach the tallest hedges. It's wireless and powered by a lithium-ion battery.

This is safer because you don't have to worry about yourself or your family tripping over the cable while gardening. Also, you don't have to search for extension cords to reach your garden.

The trimmer can be set in 6 head positions and can cut thick branches easily. 


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This battery powered pole hedge trimmer does not require a power cord, making it convenient and extra safe.

Use the pole attachment to reach hedges up to 15 feet off the ground and use the handheld setting for precision trimming. It's very easy to extend and retract the poles as needed.

The trimmer head can be adjusted to different angles to facilitate trimming different hedges. The 20 inch alloy steel blade is very efficient.


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This cordless hedge trimmer has a reach of up to 11 foot, making it much easier for you to trim tall hedges.

The dual action blades are 18 inches long and can cut through thick branches quickly and easily. Head of this hedge trimmer can swivel up to 180 degrees and be fixed in 5 different positions.

The handle of the hedge trimmer is padded to make it more comfortable to use. 


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This battery powered hedge trimmer comes with a battery pack that you can easily recharge.

It has a long reach pole that is easily folded down for convenient storage when the trimmer is not in use.

It has a safety switch to help prevent accidents and a lightweight aluminium shaft which makes it easier to control. The multi-angle head can be locked into different positions to suit your needs. 


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This cordless hedge trimmer has a dual-action blade that is laser-cut and slashes through even the chunkiest branches.

You can trim your hedges at various angles because the head can be adjusted easily. This tool also comes with shears and a useful pole saw for other gardening jobs.

The lightweight aluminium telescopic pole makes this trimmer easier to use and control. 


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This cordless telescoping hedge trimmer weighs less than 10 pounds and is easy to manoeuvre. It can extend up to 8 feet, so you can cut tall hedges quickly and easily.

The dual action blade is 18 inches long and can get through thick branches.

The handle is comfortable to use and soft to the touch. The hedge trimmer head can be changed to 10 different positions to make your job easier.


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If you have some smaller, easy to reach hedges then you need to keep on top of then you should try this handheld hedge trimmer. It is rechargeable and can run for 40 minutes at a time.

It takes 3-5 hours to reach a full charge. It weighs just over a pound which means that your muscles won’t get too tired.

There are two attachments - a hedge trimmer and a grass blade cutter. 


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The unique feature of this cordless hedge trimmer is that you can choose from 2 different speed settings. The expendable pole makes it easy to reach tall hedges.

The 20 inch dual action blades are very durable as they are made from alloy steel. They are excellent at cutting through thick branches. 


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This cordless hedge trimmer comes with the battery and the charger, so you have everything you need to get started.

It has a 22 inch dual action blade with a protective cover so you can avoid cutting yourself when the trimmer is not in use.

The 8 foot 8 inches telescopic pipe extends to give you a better reach of the tall hedges. You will be amazed at how easy it is to trim your hedges with this tool. 


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Each full charge of the battery on this hedge trimmer will keep it running for 48 minutes. There is also a chainsaw attachment that can run for 26 minutes on a single charge.

The battery is efficient but lightweight, which means that the trimmer isn’t weighed down. The hedge trimmer is 17.7 inches long and the saw attachment is 8 inches long.

The length of the tool is 7 feet 2 inches which means that you can reach the tall hedges to trim them easily and safely. The comfortable grip handle is soft against your hands.

The head can be adjusted into multiple different angles and positions. 

Buying Guide 

When it is time to choose your ideal hedge trimmer, remember to consider these features: 

14 Best Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmers To Try Today


The trimmer head can be adjusted to different positions and angles. Some of them are more agile than others.


These hedge trimmers can be extended to different lengths, so you should check the specs. Make sure the one you choose can reach your highest hedge.


Blade lengths can be different depending on which hedge trimmer you choose, so check the product description to find the best blade length for your hedges

Battery Life  

The better the battery life of your hedge trimmer the less often you will need to charge it. 


Battery packs can make cordless hedge trimmers quite heavy (Also check out the Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers). Make sure you pay attention to the weight of the unit and whether that is measured with or without the battery pack. 

Shoulder Harness  

Some hedge trimmers come with a shoulder harness which makes it safer and easier to use as you don’t have to bear all of the weight in your arms. 


These hedge trimmers are long which means that you can trim tall hedges easily. They are also cordless so you don’t need to worry about tripping over the cord or trying to find a long extension cable.

You will be amazed at how much easier it is to maintain your garden with one of these tools. 

Brian Freis