15 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers To Try Today

Wondering how your neighbours keep their hedges clean and sharp? Looking to achieve the same results but don’t know how? Well, the answer lies in a quality hedge trimmer.

While these gardening tools may seem like an excess at the beginning, their service will be demonstrated as priceless, over time. 

You can get away with using manual sheers, however, the results are nowhere near as perfect as an electric hedge trimmer (Also check out Best Longreach Hedge Trimmers). 

Unlike some other hedge trimmers, you don’t have to worry about annoying start-ups, rancid smoke, or no blending fuel. 

All you have to do is plug it in an outlet or attach a charged battery and your hedge will be looking prim and kept in no time. 

With this in mind, this article will explore 15 of the best electric hedge trimmers available on the market (Also check out the Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers).


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This 2-in-1 tool opens up a whole host of gardening opportunities: allowing you to switch between a grass shear and hedge trimmer for all your snipping requirements. 

A 7.2V lithium-ion battery provides you with enough power to last 50 minutes, and, if it needs a top-up, it’ll be fully charged in four hours. 

Weighing only 1.3kg, you don’t have to worry about any arm aches. Plus, an ergonomic handle provides great comfort.


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This Bosch AHS 45-16 is designed with comfort in mind yet surprisingly powerful.

Weighing only 2.5kg, back and arm strain are minimised, with a 420 W Bosch motor. 

For precision cuts, the tool features diamond ground blades that measure 45cm in length with a 16mm tooth opening. 

When not in use, it contains a protective blade cover.


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This is a small yet powerful hedge trimmer. Weighing only 2.8kg with a 450W Bosch motor. 

Its lightweight and ergonomic design mean you can comfortably use this tool in all working positions. 

Moreover, it features a 60cm blade length with a 25mm tooth opening – making it ideal for wider hedges.


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For precise cuts every time, this hedge trimmer features Bosch’s iconic high-quality diamond ground blades.

Its soft handle ensures effortless, well-balanced operation for safe working and optional visibility. 

It features a blade length of 50cm and a tooth opening of 16mm – ideal for small to medium-sized hedges.


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Designed for small gardens, this Easicut 450W hedge trimmer features dual reciprocating, diamond ground blades for light work on any hedge or bush. 

The blade length is 45cm while it has a tooth opening of 19mm – great if you’re looking for a precise, neater finish. 

Weighing only 2.6kg and featuring a centralised handle, this trimmer was designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. 

Also available from: Flymo.com


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This is a lightweight and powerful trimmer with a 550W motor and precision blades for quick and accurate cutting. 

Featuring a blade length of 60cm and a 16mm tooth opening with an oscillating rate of 1700/min that ensures a smooth cut every time. 

Weighing only 3.5kg, it also comes with a 10m cable and a two-stage safety trigger to prevent accidental operations, and a hand shield. 

Also available from: Vonhaus.com


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Boasting a blade working length of 50cm and a tooth opening of 16mm – this NETTA trimmer is great for getting your garden into shape. 

With a powerful 550W motor, it has enough power to tackle all your overgrown hedges and bushes. 

Weighing only 2.2kg, it’s one of the lightest trimmers on the market! Perfect for small to medium-sized hedges.


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This trimmer features a unique dual-action SawBlade. Its 60cm blade can easily cut through branches up to 25mm thick.

For more demanding branches, the saw can hack up to 35mm in thickness. 

On top of its powerful 600W motor, it is designed with ease of use and ergonomics in mind, ensuring comfort and less fatigue when in use. 

Also available from: blackanddecker.com


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A 135 Degree Multi-angle head means you can set the trimmer to different angles, ranging from -45 to 90 degrees for simple vertical and horizontal trimming. 

Weighing only 3.7kg and featuring a powerful 550-watt motor, this trimmer provides you with the best of both worlds. 

Plus, a long-reach telescope allows you to reach hard-to-reach spaces of up to 2.20 metres (or 7.2 feet). When extended, it can reach 2.40 metres (or 8.9 feet).


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Considering its relatively compact size, this trimmer has more to offer than you may think. 

It features a sturdy 45cm diamond ground blade that can cut stems clean of up to 18mm – great for general hedge trimming, sculpting, and maintenance. 

Furthermore, an over-mould and wraparound front handle ensures users' comfort and manoeuvrability over long periods. 

Also available from: uk.ryobitools.eu


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This lightweight cordless hedge trimmer provides great cutting performance for all your trimming requirements. 

It can handle woody, mature growth, and features quiet operation, ease of use, and safety features such as neutral locking and blade tip cover. 

Moreover, it features a blade length of 45cm. 

Also available from: shop.stihl.co.uk


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Unlike some other electric hedge trimmers, this one features an LCD battery display – letting you know exactly how much charge you have left. 

Thanks to a two-step speed control, you can switch between the maximum speed and power. 

Plus, a 180-degree rotating handle provides comfort at any working angle.

Also available from: karcher.com


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If safety is a concern for you, then this model may be the one for you thanks to a mixture of a three-switch start-up and a removable activation key. 

The blade itself is 50cm long with a cutting capacity of 8mm and is double-sided. 

It benefits from a battery level indicator located on the side which lets you know exactly how much charge you have left. 

Also available from: shop.stihl.co.uk


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Found in the Mountfield Freedom 100 cordless range, this hedge trimmer features a combination of hardened steel blades with a cutting length of 55cm and a cutting capacity of 18mm. 

It benefits from tip protection and a handling hole located on the end of the blade for easy storage. 

The 20V 2Ah battery only takes 70 minutes to reach full power and contains a run power of 40 minutes. The remaining charge can be located at the touch of a button.


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This Makita trimmer is a powerful tool that features many handy features such as a tool protection system, lock/unlock switch, and blade protection. 

A unique speed control dial allows you to choose between six different cutting speeds. On top of this, the handle rotates at five different positions – making it an extremely versatile tool. 

While it may be heavier than some other models (at 6.17kg) its additional features make up for this loss.

Buyer’s Guide

15 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers To Try Today

Blade Length

The length of the blade is measured from the tip to where the casing meets the trimmer. 

Typically, they can be found in sizes ranging from 45cm (17.5”) and 60cm (23.6”). 

Although, when purchasing a trimmer, you need to understand the width of your hedge. If it is less than 120cm (4 feet), then a general blade length will get the job done. 

If wider, then you may require a longer blade length. Here, your options are reduced. 

Blade Gaps (Teeth Spacing)

Blade Gaps are the space you can see in between the blades. 

The general rule of thumb is the wider the teeth spacing, the thicker the branch your hedge trimmer can handle. 

Therefore, having a wider tooth gap allows you to cut through thicker stems and branches with ease. 

Standard hedge trimmers feature a 15-20 mm gap which is enough to trim your standard hedge. However, for more mature and thicker hedges, you may need something containing a 30 mm tooth gap.

Blade Sharpness

The sharper the blade; the better it will perform. 

Likewise, it can also help minimise the level of vibrations in your hands and arms when trimming. 

Diamond ground blades are generally much sharper than typical blades and last much longer. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to get your hedges ready for the summer, create some intricate designs, or simply need some hedge TLC.

Well, the best way to achieve this is through an electric hedge trimmer (Also check out Best Dewalt Hedge Trimmers And Accessories). Hopefully, this guide has informed you of 15 of the best hedge trimmers to tackle all your unruly hedges.

Brian Freis