15 Best Longreach Hedge Trimmers To Try Today

Hedge trimming can be a fiddly job, especially if your hedges are tall or in awkward-to-reach places. What you need is a long reach hedge trimmer that can get to all of those tricky places.

This will save you from having to over extend or put yourself in dangerous positions in order to keep your hedges under control. 

We have put together this list of the best long reach hedge trimmers to make it easier for you to find what you need. Keep reading to find your ideal hedge trimmer to help you maintain your garden. 


This 20 inch blade hedge trimmer can be extended up to 8ft 10 inches, making it much easier for you to reach the tallest hedges. It is cordless and is powered by lithium-ion batteries.

This is much safer as you don’t need to worry about you or your family tripping over any wires while you are working on the garden.

It also means that you don’t need to try and find an extension cable that will reach into the garden.

You can adjust the trimmer into 6 different positions and it is able to cut through thick branches. 


This hedge trimmer has a 20 inch blade with dual action. It is cordless and can run for up to 55 minutes between charges.

It has a 30 minute quick charge, so you can stop for a tea break and then carry on.

It comes with a charger and a battery, and also a harness which makes it much easier for you to hold the hedge trimmer (You might also want to check out the Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers).

It is also safer as you won’t drop the hedge trimmer if you become fatigued. You can adjust the hedge trimmer into 7 different positions. 


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This 2 in 1 hedge trimmer can be used for high hedges or even low to the ground. It is lightweight - only 7.6 pounds - so you can use it for a long time without becoming fatigued.

It also has a compact design which makes it easy to manoeuvre, even in tight spaces.

The telescopic pole expands up to 12 feet and the head can be placed in 10 different positions, giving you lots of options when it comes to trimming the hedges. 


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This hedge trimmer features an 18 inch dual action blade and a 180 degree pivot head. It weighs less than 8 pounds, which means it's lightweight and easy to use.

Extendable to reach hedges up to 11 feet high. You can use it wirelessly with battery power or plug it in for unlimited power.

The soft grip makes it very easy to use, and the low vibration makes it comfortable in the hand.


This telescopic hedge trimmer extends up to 5.9 feet, allowing you to reach hedges that are up to 11 feet above the ground.

It has an efficient dual action blade with reduced vibration so you can cut your hedges without getting discomfort in your hand.

You can also switch between telescopic hedge cutting and hand-held hedge cutting for versatility. It plugs in rather than runs on battery power so you will need an extension cable in the garden. 


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This battery powered hedge trimmer has a 22 inch dual action laser cut blade that works quickly and efficiently, even on thick branches.

It has a reach of up to 12 feet, helping you to maintain even the tallest hedges in your garden.

The head articulates 180 degrees and can be adjusted into 7 different positions so you can get the best shape possible for your hedges. It is lightweight and easy to use.

The battery and charger are not included so you will need to buy those separately. 


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This multi-function hedge trimmer has a 20 inch blade. The telescopic pole extends up to 9.2 feet, helping you to reach very high hedges and branches.

It is easy and safe to operate with reduced vibration and a double switch to prevent accidents.

The switch does not need to be held down, so you can use both hands to guide the hedge trimmer and ensure that you don’t lose control of the tool.

You can adjust the head into 6 different angles for easier cutting. The electric cord is 10 metres long to help you reach longer gardens. 


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This battery powered pole hedge trimmer does not need an electric cord which makes it safer and more convenient to use.

You can use it as a handheld hedge trimmer or use the pole attachment which will enable you to reach hedges up to 15 feet above the ground.

It’s very easy to extend and retract the pole as needed. The head of the trimmer can be adjusted to different angles to make it easier to cut different hedges.

The 20 inch alloy steel blade is very efficient. 


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This battery powered telescopic hedge trimmer weighs under 10 pounds for easy use. It works quickly and can extend up to 8 feet so that you can trim hedges of all hesights.

The dual action blade is 18 inches long and the handle has a soft grip. You can change the hedge trimmer head into 10 different angles for various hedge cutting styles. 


This battery-powered hedge trimmer comes with a rechargeable battery for easy use.

It features a telescopic pole that can easily be collapsed for storage when the hedge  trimmer is not being used.

A double safety switch helps to stop accidents from happening and an easy-to-operate lightweight aluminium pole gives you more control whilst trimming.

The multi-position head can be locked in different angles according to your needs.


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With a range of up to 11 feet, this cordless hedge trimmer makes trimming tall hedges easier. The dual action blade is 18 inches long and makes light work of thick branches.

The hedge trimmer head rotates up to 180 degrees and can be adjusted into 5 different angles. The handle of the hedge trimmer is padded, making it more comfortable and ergonomic. 


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This rechargeable hedge trimmer has a laser cut dual action blade that can get through thick branches.

You can cut vertically, horizontally or at various angles thanks to the adjustable head. This is a 3 in 1 set as it also comes with shears and a pole saw.

Telescopic tube is made from aluminium which makes this trimmer very lightweight. 


This hedge trimmer extends to almost 9 feet, giving you plenty of help to reach those tall hedges in your garden.

The power shrub trimmers have 18 inch blades that will cut cleanly through branches, leaving your hedges looking neat.

It comes with a protective blade cover to make the trimmer safe when it is not in use. It also has a shoulder strap which makes it much more comfortable to use. 


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The dual action blades on this hedge trimmer are made out of alloy steel and are 20 inches long.

This hedge trimmer has a 12 point articulation which means that you can put it in many different positions to make your job much easier. There are two different speed settings to choose from. 


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This high performance hedge trimmer is ideal for maintaining your garden. It is over 7 feet long which means that you can easily reach overhead hedges and branches.

It is a 2 in 1 tool with a saw attachment as well as a trimmer, so you can tackle thick and gnarly branches. 

Buying Guide

There are few things that you should consider when choosing which hedge trimmer to buy:

15 Best Longreach Hedge Trimmers To Try Today


These hedge trimmers can extend to different lengths so you need to check the specifications. Make sure that the one you choose will be able to reach your tallest hedges. 


The head of the trimmer can be adjusted to different positions and angles. Some of them are more manoeuvrable than others.

Corded Or Battery Powered  

You can choose from a corded hedge trimmer or a rechargeable battery powered hedge trimmer. The corded ones can be used for an unlimited amount of time but a cordless trimmer is more convenient. 

Battery Life  

If you decide to buy a cordless hedge trimmer then make sure you pick one with a good battery life so you don’t need to charge it as often. 


The blade length can vary between hedge trimmers so remember to check the specifications to find a blade length that is ideal for your needs.


All of these long reach hedge trimmers come highly recommended and will make it much easier for you to maintain your garden. 

Brian Freis