15 Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers To Try Today

Arguably, petrol hedge trimmers are the most powerful trimmers available on the market, even more so than electric alternatives – making them ideal for large areas. 

What makes these power tools stand out from the crowd is that you can use them virtually anywhere without being constricted by a power outlet. 

Got some thick and dense hedges? Then a petrol-powered trimmer should cut through these with ease. 

With this in mind, in the article, we will explore 15 of the best petrol hedge trimmer available on the market. 

Let’s get started.


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Powerful, lightweight, and compact, this Makita EH7500W is everything you could need from a hedge trimmer (Also check out the Best Longreach Hedge Trimmers). 

Featuring a blade diameter of 21 mm, it's perfect for getting all those hard-to-reach areas. Moreover, it is coated in a nickel layer; protecting it from abrasion and increasing its durability. 

Thanks to low gravity and a robust engine, this trimmer is not only efficient but extremely easy to use, too. 

Also available from makitauk.com


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Einhell offers economical gardening products that are known for their quality and longevity, this is true for the hedge trimmers, too. 

Thanks to a 2-stroke 25 cc engine that can rotate at 1900 RPM, this trimmer has plenty of strength to cut through thick bushes and hedges but is still light enough to hold over long periods. 

It features a blade length of 65cm with a cutting diameter of 19mm. The blades are ground and sharp using a diamond which makes them both efficient and long-lasting.


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This Stihl hedge trimmer features a 24-inch (60cm) blade length that efficiently cuts through most shrubs and hedges. 

Due to its powerful engine, you can also use this tool commercially, as well (Also check out the Best Commercial Hedge Trimmers). 

This machine is extremely easy to start up thanks to its manual fuel pump. This means that at a simple push of a button, the fuel will reach the carburetor. 

Moreover, it is equipped with an elastostart system which reduces the vibrations caused by the start-up. 

Also available from stihl.co.uk


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This SuperLite 4528 is great for occasional use featuring a 21.7cc petrol-powered engine with a power output of 0.6kW. 

Its dual action blades make it ideal for small to medium hedges, and an ergonomic handle improves both stability and safety when working. 

Weighing only 4.8kg, you are guaranteed convenient gardening work. Plus, the Soft Start system ensures incredible power start-up reduction by 40%. 

Also available from mcculloch.com


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McCulloch is a reputable brand and produces some quality gardening tools.

In terms of its hedge trimmer, it features a blade length of 55cm and a 22 cc engine – these two combinations make for an efficient trimming process. 

It has a dual-cutting blade composed of steel, making it sharp and durable.

While it may be one of the shorter blade lengths, this is compensated by the cutting diameter of 22 mm. 

Plus, it features a rotating handle – great for meeting all your required cutting positions. 

Also available from mcculloch.com


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This powerful petrol hedge trimmer is ideal for all your gardening needs. Featuring a 2-stroke engine that is cooled by air, you don’t have to worry about your engine burning out. 

It has a cutting length of 600 mm, cutting through branches with ease.

Likewise, a 180-degree rotational handle allows you to operate the tool vertically or horizontally. 

Composed of high-quality plastic and steel, this petrol hedge trimmer is sure to last you a while thanks to its durability. 

Also available from vidaxl.co.uk


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Easy to manoeuvre and comfortable, this Parker 26cc petrol hedge trimmer is supplied with 24” premium blades (60cm), great for maintaining overgrown gardens. 

Featuring a superior 2-stroke, air-cooled engine, it is both efficient and powerful while benefiting from an easy start-up system, making it user-friendly. 

For a clean, fast cut, the trimmer consists of toughened 24” dial-sided blades which can tackle anything thrown at it. 

Also available from parkerbrand.co.uk


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Driving these powerful blades is a high-performing 21.7 cc 2-stroke engine, providing you with enough power to tackle your whole garden. 

The 60cm long double-sided reciprocating blades can easily cut through 30mm branches, making easy work of your garden maintenance. 

An adjustable ergonomic handle allows you to change the direction of the handle, providing optimum comfort and ease of use.


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This loop handle trimmer allows you to reach places you wouldn’t normally get to with a corded trimmer.

Plus, with 44cm blades, you’ll tackle all your hedge requirements with ease.

No cable or battery is required with this tool, it is powered by a 25.4 cc engine which features a choke and primer bulb. 

The 440mm double reciprocating blades consist of a 150-degree articulation over 12 different positions, this ensures easy and comfortable cutting. 

Also available from mitox.co.uk


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This petrol trimmer is light and compact but still delivers an efficient and powerful cut. 

Its rotating handles make awkward hedge angles easier, reaching all the hard-to-reach areas – perfect for large shrubs and high hedges. 

Plus, the anti-vibration system provides you with comfortable manoeuverability. 

Since the tool is extra quiet, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours. 

Also available from husqvarna.com


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Struggling to reach those tall hedges? Then you’re going to love this Webb hedge trimmer.

It features an impressive reach of 230cm, with a blade length of 42cm and a 90-degree rotating head – perfect for reaching the highest points of your shrubbery without needing a ladder. 

The 26cc 2-stroke petrol is designed with performance in mind: providing low fuel consumption, minimal vibration, and durability. 

The dual action blade ensures your hedges are cut neatly and efficiently, with the low vibrations causing less stress on your hands and arms.


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As opposed to another hedge trimmer, one is much more affordable and slightly more domesticated – a great alternative for some serious hedge trimming. 

While it is bigger and heavier than some electric models (Also check out Best Electric Hedge Trimmers), it is well-balanced and relatively comfortable to operate. 

A three-position rotating handle and adequate vibration damping allow you to easily manoeuvre all around your hedge. 

Also available from mountfieldmowers.co.uk


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This 5-in-1 gardening tool features a pole saw, hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, long-reach extension shaft, and a brushcutter – great for all your gardening needs. 

Regardless of the attachment, you’re guaranteed a powerful cutting experience thanks to its 52cc 2-stroke petrol engine. 

Its soft-pull recoil system provides easy and reliable start-ups every single time.

Plus, a shoulder harness ensures minimal strain for balanced and comfortable work. 

Also available from hyundaipowerequiment.co.uk


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This professional hedge trimmer features a double-sided blade – perfect for slicing through shrubs, bushes, and hedges quickly and efficiently. 

It contains a cylinder capacity of 22.5cc providing superb power and cutting ability. 

Thanks to the air-cooled 2-stroke engine, you don’t have to worry about it burning out anytime soon.

With a cutting length of 56cm, you can cut through the thickest of bushes with ease.


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This STIHL HS 45 18” model is not only compact but provides enough power for all your trimming and cutting jobs around the garden. 

It features a 2-MIX technology which, when compared with similar models, provides an outstanding cutting performance - you will be slicing through branches like butter. 

Plus, it is also available in a larger 60cm/24” size depending on your requirements. 

Also available from stihl.co.uk

Buyer’s Guide

Petrol-powered hedge trimmers are considered the most powerful gardening tools in the market: making easy work of slicing and cutting through larger hedges. 

However, when purchasing the perfect petrol-powered for you, you should consider some of the factors outlined below.

15 Best Petrol Hedge Trimmers To Try Today

Blade Size

If your hedge doesn’t require much pruning, then choosing a blade size up to 50 inches would be ideal.

On the other hand, for thicker branches, blade sizes between 55 to 70 inches are recommended. 


If you don’t have enough power, the blades simply won’t work as efficiently.

Therefore, depending on your circumstances, consider whether you need a larger and bigger engine to handle your hedge conditions. 

Final Thoughts

Petrol-powered hedge trimmers make easy work of cutting through thick bushes and hedges – making them one of the most popular power tools.

Hopefully, this guide has informed you of the best petrol hedge trimmers to help with all your garden maintenance needs.

Brian Freis