USA-Made Lawn Mower Brands

Lawn mowers manufactured in the USA are known for their quality, so no matter where in the world you live, it’s a good idea to prioritise USA-made brands when looking for a new lawn mower.

USA-Made Lawn Mower Brands

However, figuring out which lawn mowers are made in the USA requires a fair amount of research, which can be time-consuming, especially since many companies outsource their production to different countries, complicating matters further.

This is why we’ve put together this guide to USA-made lawn mower brands, so you can easily determine which brands are made in the USA and which are not.

We will also be covering the key difference between the ‘made in the USA’ tag and the meaning of ‘built in the USA’, and how you can tell with 100% certainty whether a lawn mower has been made in the United States.

Lawn Mower Brands Made In The USA

John Deere

John Deere is one of the best-known lawn mower brands from the USA. In fact, the company had its 100-year anniversary recently, so it’s been established for over a century now.

In that time, John Deere has sold millions of lawn mower models as well as other machinery, including tractors.

Now, John Deere does have manufacturing facilities around the world, across 7 different countries, which can cause some confusion as to whether the mowers made by this company are actually made in the USA.

There are 3 facilities in China, for example, which leads potential buyers to think that the mowers could be made overseas.

However, you don’t need to worry about this in 2022. Before 2012, John Deere manufactured walk-behind mowers, and these were often made overseas.

However, John Deere’s walk-behind models were discontinued in 2012, and as of today, the company only makes riding mowers, all of which are manufactured in Wisconsin.

The parts used to build the mowers are also, for the most part, made in the USA.

Cub Cadet

If you want to be 100% sure that you’re buying a US-made lawn mower, Cub Cadet is one of the safest manufacturers to go with.

This company has been established for over 60 years since it was founded in 1960, and initially, Cub Cadet only manufactured tractors.

However, Cub Cadet’s outdoor equipment range expanded during the 1980s, and the company now manufactures several different lawn mower models (You might also want to check out The Top Stand On Mower Models).

Although Stanley Black & Decker purchased a 20% stake in Cub Cadet’s parent company in 2021, leading to concern that production might be moved overseas, this is currently not the case.

All mowers produced by Cub Cadet are made in Tennessee, Mississippi, or Ohio.

American Lawn Mower Co.

The clue is in the name when it comes to this lawn mower brand.

American Lawn Mower Company is the biggest name in lawn mower manufacturing throughout the US, and all mowers by this brand are produced in America, so there’s no need to be concerned about oversea manufacture.

Additionally, American Lawn Mower Company is family-owned, and the prices are extremely reasonable, which is part of the reason why potential buyers feel the need to double-check whether the mowers really are made in America.

Note that American Lawn Mower Company is the same as Great States, so if you see a lawn mower from Great States, you can be sure that it’s American-made, too.

‘Made In The USA’ Vs. ‘Built In The USA’ 

When searching for lawn mowers online, you may see two different terms including the word ‘USA’. Some mowers are labelled ‘made in the USA’ whereas others say that they are ‘built in the USA’. But what’s the difference?

Basically, until 2017, if the majority of parts used to make a lawn mower came from overseas, a manufacturer was not legally allowed to claim that the mower had been made in the USA.

Instead, the company would be required to say that it has been ‘built’ or ‘assembled’ in the USA. 

On the other hand, if the mower had been made on American soil and the majority of the components are also made in the USA, the company could legally label the product as being ‘made in the USA.’ 

Therefore, until 2017, if you saw a mower with the words ‘built in the USA’ written on the packaging, the chances were that while it might have been assembled in the US, most of the parts will have been sourced from overseas.

However, this all changed in 2017 when the FTC decided that the terms ‘made in the USA’ and ‘built in the USA’ should mean the same thing.

The decision was made in response to confusion caused by the differences between the two terms.

Therefore, the FTC ruled that companies could only say lawn mowers were ‘built in the USA’ if they met all of the criteria for ‘made in the USA’.

So, these days, if a mower is advertised as having been ‘built in the USA’, it must have been assembled in America using mostly American-made parts.

Non-USA Lawn Mower Brands

Unfortunately, many popular, high-quality lawn mower brands are not made in the USA, so it’s important to be aware of which brands are made overseas.


Many people assume that Craftsman lawn mowers are made in the USA because, for many years, the company used mostly US-made parts for their mowers and assembled them in the USA.

However, since Stanley Black & Decker purchased the company from Sears (the original parent company), the mowers are mostly made using parts from overseas.

They are still assembled in the USA, but as explained above, this does not actually mean that they are made in the USA, and since 2017, the company has not been able to claim that their mowers are built in the USA, either.



Toro is an American-assembled brand, but again, this is not the same as classifying as an American-made brand.

Although mowers made by Toro are assembled in Florida and some other US states, the majority of the mower parts are sourced from Japan, including the powered mowers’ motors.


The fuel-powered motors you can buy from Snapper are sometimes assembled in the USA, but others are assembled overseas.

All electric mowers manufactured by Snapper are built overseas. Additionally, a lot of the parts used to make Snapper mowers come from other countries.

Because of this, most of Snapper’s mowers aren’t even technically built in the USA by pre-2017 standards, let alone made in the USA.

So, if you’re looking for a USA-made lawn mower, you should avoid those manufactured by Snapper.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Honda Lawn Mowers Made In The USA?

Some Honda lawn mowers are assembled in the USA using American-made parts, but Honda also has manufacturing facilities in various countries around the world, and components are sourced from different countries, too.

Therefore, Honda is not an American-made lawn mower brand for the most part.

Where Are Husqvarna Lawn Mowers Made?

If you purchase a Husqvarna lawn mower, you can be certain that it has been assembled in the USA because all of these mowers are produced in the Consumer Outdoor Products facility, which is located in South Carolina (Orangeburg, to be precise).

However, not all parts used in the construction of Husqvarna lawn mowers are made from the United States, so Husqvarna lawn mowers may not count as ‘made in the USA’.

Where Are STIHL Lawn Mowers Made?

STIHL lawn mowers are not all produced in the USA, so this is not an American-made brand.

The plants in which STIHL lawn mowers are manufactured are located in various countries across the world.

The countries where STIHL’s manufacturing plants are located include the Philippines, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, China, and the USA.

So, while some of STIHL’s lawn mowers may be produced in the USA, many will be assembled in other countries. 

Where Are Bosch Lawn Mowers Manufactured?

Bosch is a very popular lawn mower brand, but unfortunately, the lawn mowers made by this company can’t be considered American-made.

That’s because the corded and cordless electric mowers produced by Bosch are, for the most part, made in China, with a couple of models being made in Hungary.

Either way, Bosch lawn mowers aren’t assembled in the United States, so this is a brand you’ll want to avoid if you’re exclusively looking for American-made lawn mowers.

Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to determine whether a lawn mower brand is made in the United States, especially since the definitions of ‘made in the USA’ and ‘built in the USA’ have changed in recent years.

However, some safe brands if you only want USA-made lawn mowers include American Lawn Mower Company, Cub Cadet, and John Deere.

Some brands that are not made in the USA include Toro, Snapper, and Craftsman.

Other popular brands like Honda, STIHL, Husqvarna and Bosch have manufacturing facilities in other countries such as China, Switzerland, and the Philippines, so many of their lawn mowers are manufactured overseas and don’t count as US-made.

If you want to be sure a lawn mower is USA-made, you need to look for the words ‘made in the USA’ in the product description.

Brian Freis